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Friday, February 18, 2005

Today is actually a nice day here in Nevis. The sun is out and the temperature is up. Friday morning is always our time for grocery shopping because if you wait until later in the day it is very crowded and all the good stuff disappears. A friend was once told by the manager, when she asked why they didn't still stock a certain item, "we couldn't keep it on the shelves, it sold out too quick so we stopped ordering it". Haha. Make sense? Not really but that is the way things work here. We actually found some gorgonzola cheese so I can re-create The Green Bean's salad. Well, I can't get spring greens but I can get greens and everything else I need to make it so we'll be having good lunches until they take the gorg off the shelves. Or until it sells out. I better not buy too quick so they won't stop ordering it. Rumor has it that during tourist season, January through April, they stock more "gourmet" foods for the rich people who own fancy homes here. I also found cornish game hens and havarti cheese. Sure beats that tin cheese they always have on the shelves but I would hardly call it "gourmet". I guess the meaning of gourmet changes once you have been here for a while. Like just having chips that aren't all smashed...that would be considered gourmet to me now. Even Pringles come all smashed to bits a lot of the time. Anyway, Jaime is on his mid-semester break this weekend which means he gets one day off from school. We are going to do a training bike ride on Saturday after we go to Winward Beach for a while in the am. Then on Monday we will have a party for the SOS over at the pool. That's it for today I need to go swim. Posted by Hello


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