Latitude 17N

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Today Jaime and I were in a training bike race. You could choose between the 15k and the 30k. I did the 15 and Jaime did the 30. We were two of the 3 people on mountain bikes and it showed. We each came in last in our race. It was sort of like a loop. We went down the main road and then turned around and came back. The way down felt great and I seemed to be doing fine. Then after the turnaround I found out why I was doing so great. The wind was at my back. Now it was in my face and trying to stop me in my tracks. I kept on going and around The Four Seasons, I lost my chain so I had to stop at the base of a small hill to put that back on. Lost me a couple of minutes but not enough to make me anything but where I stayed "The Best at Being Last". :-) All in all it was a fun ride because I got to meet a lot of people who will be in the triathlon in a few weeks. Interesting fun group of people.  Posted by Hello


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