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Sunday, May 29, 2005

This is how Julian fell asleep last night. He looked so funny I had to take a picture. If he had woke up right then he probably would have found that his leg had no feeling. I'm sure the blood all rushed out of it being up there for a couple of hours like that. You can see his lovely room with his fancy "bookshelf". And that is about all the excitement we have here so sorry to bore you. We finally got all of our stuff fixed at our house. The water main break did some damage on our toilet so they say. Apparently some sediment got in and clogged up the inner workings of the toilet. I don't know what that stuff is called. So they came and "fixed" that and then it was really loud. It sounded like a high pitched squeal every time we flushed the toilet. And periodically it would make that noise throughout the day...and night! Really annoying. Also, after they fixed the main we had no water pressure. None at all and I could barely take a shower. There was a slow trickle coming out of the shower head so it took me forever to get the soap out of my hair. Apparently there is a knob out by the main that needed to be turned and that fixed the water pressure. But then they said the problem with the toilet was related to the high pressure and now we needed a pressure valve put on outside so they came back and put that on. Now the pressure is not as good as it was before but I guess it will save all the plumbing in the house. We also had a problem with our lights. Our sconces were not working right. We have them in every room and that is what lights up the place. Apparently we were putting in the wrong bulbs. We have some lights that are 220V and some that are 110V. So it's like a little guessing game every time you go to change a bulb in here. Anyway we got that straightened out and hopefully we are repair free for a while. It is not easy getting repair people over here. They say they will come and never show up and I have to hang around here and wait all day until they finally come the NEXT day when I am not around. Then we have to start the whole process over again. No Problem MON!  Posted by Hello


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