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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Today we spent a day without water. Jaime went outside for a run and noticed our water main was spouting water like a whale. We left a message for our landlord in the morning and did not hear back from her until the late afternoon. She actually got a hold of a couple of gentlemen who came over right away. They worked on it for a while and were packing up to go when it burst again. There were a bunch of holes in one of the pipes that they think were little stress holes that had been there since manufacturing and finally gave way. So they fixed it again and it burst again. At this point it was well after dark and Ms. Nicholls, the landlord, told them they could come back in the morning and they said "we don't ever leave a job incomplete". They were the best workers that I have seen so far. I am thinking they must have something to do with the Four Seasons because they had good english and they were well presented. They came back and worked some more and got done close to 9:00. So we have water! Actually we were able to have water to flush toilets and stuff like that because we have a cistern that holds some nasty old run off water but it works in a pinch. My problem with it was that I had the LaPray's coming over for cheesecake. So it made it a little bit messy but all in all it worked out fine. We had a fun night playing cards and filling our faces with cheesecake with either strawberry or blueberry sauce. It was quite good I must say. We had a surprise visitor, Dan, one of Jaime's classmates. He ran over from his house in Mt. Lilly which is not close. He needed to call his girlfriend and his phone connection was not working very well. He ended up staying way longer that he had expected and the LaPray boys had a new audience for their ideas and "useless information". He had a good time with them. They lost their other Dan friend so now that he is gone they have picked up a new one. Out with the old and in with the new.  Posted by Hello


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