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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

You can try and try but that candle re-lights! Julian picked out the cake he wanted for his end of school party. He chose a marble cake which came out really moist and yummy. We made butter cream frosting and colored it blue. Julian was very successful in his first year of school. He is reading like a trooper and loves it. We went to the library yesterday and got him a couple of new books. He got Make Way for Ducklings and another little mystery early reader. He was impressed that I knew all about the Make Way for Ducklings book. We also got Charlotte's Web which I started reading to Julian last night before bed. He really likes it. He thinks he may have heard the story back at Appleseeds but isn't sure. So, now it is summer vacation! We are very excited about this. We will hopefully keep ourselves busy during our vacation. We have about 7 weeks before we get to visit NH for 5 weeks! We are both really excited about that. During our vacation in Nevis we are hoping try out sea kayaking, go on a couple of nature hikes, visit some ruins and play, play, play!  Posted by Hello


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