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Friday, July 01, 2005

This is a new kind of time out! Haha. Actually the kids worked hard digging a hole big enough for all of them to fit in and we got to bury them! They didn't last long in there before they all busted out. This was at Pinney's beach right next door to the Four Seasons and Sunshines Beach Bar. It used to be one of my favorite beaches because it is nice and sandy but now the water is full of rocks which pretty soon will breed a bunch of seaweed if they aren't pulled out of there. We'll see what happens. That is all that is new from here. It's the same old same old here in Nevis. We're counting down to our vacation...27 days to go. Jaime is busy studying for his next block of tests on Monday, the 4th of July! Isn't that supposed to be a holiday? Oh well, Julian and I will be going to a pre-4th of July party on Sunday at Coconut Grove. Hopefully their beach party burgers won't be as expensive as their dinner selections which are 40.00 and up US dollars. French cuisine. We have not eaten there, being a LITTLE bit over our budget but I have heard that it is really good. I have been in the place to look around and it looks really cool inside. They have a pizza hut out front where you can get pizza for 30EC which is the best deal on pizza on the island and I have heard that it is very good so we'll be trying that at some point. We found out last week that my sister Jen is going to be coming for Christmas this year along with my parents. We are very excited about that. They had to sit their kids down to discuss how they would feel about being separated for Christmas. Jim and the kids are going to go skiing. Jacin looked at them with an expression of surprise and asked when they would do Christmas so they told him that they would do Christmas early as a family. So he said "Well...Okay...well, yeah...that's every kid's dream to have Christmas early!!!" So that made up their minds that it was ok. It will be fun to have some people here to hang around with. My parents will be here for 10 days and Jen will be here for a week. Finally some visitors!!!  Posted by Picasa


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