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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The 'Y'

Jaime, Julian and I are members of the local YMCA here in Houma. It is an ok facility. The thing that makes it great is that it has a huge lap pool. It has about 8 lanes that are open all day for lap swimming. There is a separate area that they use for aerobics and family swim. The pool is clean and warm and very nice. They also have a kids sports program. Julian is in soccer right now which he is enjoying. I like to go to the Y after I drop Julian off to get in a swim and a workout. Now let me just give a bit of detail about what the Y is like in the morning. The morning is when the senior crowd shows up to work out. The Y really caters to this crowd which I like. They have a water aerobics program and several other aerobic type programs, for example: chair aerobics, ala dance, and a sculpting program. The men are busy in the weight room as the women do lots of aerobics. They are very cute...with their clothes on. Come to find out this particular group of Houma seniors, raging in age from I would say 60 up to 80 or more, are not at all shy about their bodies. They shower, dry off and walk back to their locker like there is no problem. Chit chatting and boinging all over the place. Naked as they day they came into the world. Now that gives a whole new meaning to the 'Y'. Haha.


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