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Monday, January 14, 2008

And yet...another snow storm

So...we had another snow storm today dumping close to 12 inches of snow on us. Julian was happy to have another day off from school and asked to have his friend Tim over from down the street. We headed out on snowshoes to "pick him up". As I was visiting with Tim's mom Cindy a neighbor came by with his daughter so I invited her over too. We headed back home where the kids played outside for a while. When they were cold they came in for, as Julian says, "A hot cup of joe", that would be hot cocoa for most people. Then they had some pizza and watched a movie in the theater. Once they were done they went back outside to play. In the meantime we got a call from Bryan Seachrist saying that my dad had fallen at work and broke his arm. I hiked the kids back to their respective homes and met my Mom at home so we could go into town to relieve Bryan of his hospital duty and get my father and his truck back home. His arm is fractured in two places and will need to be surgically repaired later this week. They tried to set it but the Chinese torture device they use to do that was not working for him; instead, they casted his arm and sent him home with all kinds of instructions about what to do and what not to do. My father does not like to be home all day and that is just where he will be for the next several days. That is pretty much it from my side of the earth...


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