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Monday, February 28, 2005

Today was a fun day. Julian and I went over to the Four Seasons Resort to meet the MacDonalds family from Exeter. They had a care package for us from my parents. We wandered over and looked for a couple with 3 girls. They were easy to spot and it was so fun to finally meet them. They are a really fun family. Great people. Very interesting and easy going and comfortable to be around. The kids are really nice and they played great with Julian. Julian was so excited to go on the water trampoline with the girls. He paddled out there several times and jumped around. Then they would all swim back over to the beach and then I would see Julian paddling back over there. He kept forgetting to put on his mask and so his head was always struggling to stay above water as he swam like a dog out to the thing. I'm happy to say that he is still with us and didn't drown on one of his attempts to get out there or back. So, the MacDonalds are having a lot of fun and it was nice to talk with Deanna who shares a lot of the same opinions of the people here on the island. So glad that it's not just me! They went to the horse track to watch some races and said that was very interesting and other than that they are pretty content to hang out at the resort just as I would be. Of course the people who work there are extremely nice and you really feel like you are in paradise. It was really hard to leave the resort and head back out into the caribbean ghetto. But I did and I so thoroughly enjoyed the chicken pot pie I had for dinner. I kind of left there a little late and didn't have time to prepare the dinner I had planned for tonight. Oh well, that's why I had those pot pies in the first place. Oh and by the way...they brought me some Pringles...I opened them up and they are all in one piece! Thanks guys, I'm going to go enjoy my gourmet snack while I watch American Idol! Posted by Hello


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