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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Julian took this photo although the birthday girl was making her rounds and didn't make it into the it. From left going around the table are myself, Steve, Spencer, Emily, Brian heading up the table, Andrew, Dan and Jaime. A very fun group I must say. There was another table full on the other side too. It was a fun night. Janet didn't suspect a thing even when I didn't find time to see her today on her traumatic birthday. I did tell her that my mother said that from her viewpoint 40 is looking darn good and that made her laugh. Julian got to go out on a trail ride today. He was the only one in the class and Erica said he did really well. Probably since it was just the two of them and he didn't have anyone to fool around with. But that is good that he is getting more able to control his horse.  Posted by Hello


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