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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Update...on the party and the exams. Jaime did well on his exams which is always a big relief. He was happy with his grades and is back to studying hard again. And helping out the occasional student with a computer problem. We went to the party and I am happy to inform you that we were served food without question. I spoke with Indira, who is the treasurer, and she said that if someone tells us again that we are not allowed to eat to find her and she will set them straight. And I also heard that the guy in charge who had asked us to argue our point had appologized to Brian and Janet for that night. So I was happy about that. The food at Sunshines was just ok but it was a fun night. I got to stay after Jaime and Julian left and do some dancing with some of his classmates. A girl named Cache and her Mom who sailed in a few weeks ago after being out on the ocean sailing the world for the past 7 years. Her mom has been sailing the world not Cache. She is a student. And another girl Chan who had a few extra drinks that she didn't need which made the night quite entertaining. It is very strange to be out at night in Nevis. The guys who work at the restaurant get out on the dance floor and want to dance close with all the women. It is weird because I don't want to dance close with anyone especially a Nevisian! So I had to pass a couple of them off and I tried to do it non-rudely which I think I accomplished because they just flit on over to some other unsuspecting chick. So it was weird and we were out SOOOOO late...the first time I have been out late in a long time. I got in at 10:00pm. So I guess I can have fun but I still like my early bed time. Today we had our beach outing at Paradise Beach which is right next door to the Villa Paradiso. It is a new resort that is really swank. Each unit is a 4 bedroom unit with a living area and full gourmet kitchen and a private pool. You can hire on a private chef for extra. These places run, on the high season, 1800.00US per night. So we wandered past that place and dreamed about the day that we might be able to afford a place like that. Like that but not that one. I don't think any of us will return to Nevis after we leave here. Never say never but at this point probably not.  Posted by Hello


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