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Friday, March 18, 2005

Tonight we had a Mexican Fiesta here at Casa Moreno to thank all the MUA students who helped out with the triathlon. There were three guys, Daniel, Rian and Chris. Steve Szabo came along also and brought his new little puppy, Cletis. He is very cute and well behaved. He rescued him from some sloppy home here in Nevis. The guys were impressed once more with my home cooking. They don't get much of that these days being that they all are single guys. Some with girlfriends back in the US. It is always funny for me to hear that people are impressed with MY cooking! Haha. They must be on drugs. Just kidding. It was quite yummy although there were a couple of people who didn't come so we had TONS of food left over. I put enough for 4 in the freezer and about enough for 4 in the fridge for tomorrow. I made Smoky Chicken Tinga. We had it in tacos and burritos with rice and salad and some of my very spicy homemade salsa. It was quite good. I also had walking taco which was almost gone by the time dinner started which was good. The salsa was very spicy. I put chipotle chiles and jalapenos in it and when I got done making it last night my hand was burning. They liked it. I tried to make churros for dessert but they didn't come out shaped like churros. They were more like pieces of funnel cake shaped like penises. So it was interesting for sure. That is about it.  Posted by Hello


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