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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Every fancy mall deserves a very fancy bathroom. We were checking out this mall in Marigot on the french side. One of the reasons that we went in was to use the bathroom. We had been to two bathrooms that morning that had no toilet paper. Janet said "the mall is sure to have a bathroom with toilet paper." So we checked it out. The mall was beautiful! We were checking out some stores and Janet came up to me and said "They expect us to pay a dollar to use the bathroom." I said "if they want us to pay a dollar it must be worth it, I'm going to check it out!" It was totally worth it. It was really nice. The bathroom was all tile like you see in this picture. You walk into a semi-circular room with mirrors on the walls. Tile countertops with frosted glass bowl sinks with chrome faucets coming out of the wall. The stalls were in another room and each one had a frosted glass door with a fancy toilet and chrome fixtures. You didn't have to touch anything to flush as it was automatic. It was quite the experience. I was happy to pay a dollar.  Posted by Hello


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