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Thursday, May 05, 2005

This is the poem I wrote for Emily:

Miss Emily LaPray

Emily LaPray,
Was born in December
Same day as mine
So I’ll always remember

We met here in Nevis
In the middle of the sea
Don’t swim near the pier
That’s where the men pee

At first it was fun
Different and new
Then we start to miss home
And we cry and boo-hoo

Adventure and beauty
Prejudice and laughs
All rolled into one
That’s what Nevis has

We hung by the beach
And the pool at the school
But we didn’t fit in
Now don’t be a fool

We played lots of games
Like canasta and rummy
Pretended to be blonde
When we felt like a dummy

T.v. and Beach schedules
Kept life going ‘round
In the room with a/c
Sending IM around

Watching favorite shows
Like What Not to Wear
Or American Idol
Or doing my hair

Emily made friends
Some welcome some not
Like Mr. Bandaid Man
Who thought she was hot

You’ll miss it I’m sure
When the snow piles high
In Idaho or Utah
Or wherever you fly

20 years between
Born on the same day
I’ll miss you my friend
Miss Emily LaPray
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