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Sunday, May 01, 2005

This little guy was living in Julian's sneaker outside until he caught him. Jaime starts school on Tuesday so basically the break is over. The last few days have been pretty un-eventful. On Friday we went over to Pinney's beach for the afternoon. We met a new family over there. They have a little one year old girl. Jaime had gone lobstering in the morning and got 3 small lobsters. We made a lobster pie with it and it was just enough to fill us 3 for dinner. We also had a Christophene which is a vegetable locally grown. When raw it has the same taste as a raw pea crossed with jicama. When it is cooked it is kind of like a parsnippy flavored thing. It is interesting and new to us so it was a fun thing to try. I would have it again. We have pretty much been over to Janet and Brian's every night playing cards. We will miss Brian's parents when they are gone. They have been a lot of fun and have taught us a lot of new card games. Emily is going back with them and we will miss her tons. Last night I taught her how to make a hemp anklet. The other kids wanted me to make them different pieces so I made a couple of bracelets for the boys and an anklet for Lexi. The bracelet I made for Andrew was really cool looking. The last few days we have gone running with Julian. He made it all the way to the school and back, stopping a few times to catch his breath but he is turning into quite the little runner. It is about 2 miles round trip that he has been doing. Tomorrow Julian starts school up again so it was early to bed tonight. Back to the grind.  Posted by Hello


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