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Thursday, June 09, 2005

This is my friend Chan, with me, over at Sunshine�s one night. Lets just say she was at one with the killer bee. We were there for an after block party. She is a hindu but she, and I quote, has her own spin on the whole hindu thing. She was reading my blog the other day and gave me crap about not having anything on my blog about her. So I decided to bring my people up to par on the proposal ways of the hindu people. Please don�t be offended if you are hindu or any other Indian type person. I have a general lack of all religious knowledge being a girl that did not go to church from the age of 5. And this is just my own sarcastic spin on Chan and her upcoming future. Back in August she told me she would be taking a trip to India to check out her father appointed husband. She is the first person that I have ever known that has been in a family that believes in arranged marriages and so I had LOTS of questions. She�s not real excited about being told who to marry. But, at least she is able to meet him first and told her father that she has the last say. You know, like if he�s not cute she won�t take him. And she wants to make sure he has all those important relationship qualities like calling her pretty all the time, cooking for her, buying her lots of jewels and giving her lots of money. And of course he has to be good looking. Haha. She asked me if I would go to her wedding and I told her that I wouldn�t fit in being a blonde white girl and all. I wouldn't know what to wear! She said she would buy me some funky wrap around dress type thing called a sari that�s all the rage in the Indian culture. I figure what the heck. It could be quite interesting for me, and I get a free sari! I have known Chan for a year now since she began pre-med with Jaime and she is a cool girl. I just hope she gets a cool husband because she deserves one. She�s a lot of fun and if she gets a boring husband it could stifle her fun-ness. I�m not sure if fun-ness is a word or not but what the heck. So good luck my friend. Hope all goes well on your holy road to matrimony. Love ya, Dani B. P.S. Chan, as we speak is studying hard for her upcoming block over at the library so she can be a more marketable wife. Kudos to you. Oops, is that Jewish?...see I told you I don't have a clue. I once put my donation money in the holy water at my friends church because I couldn't figure out why else everyone was putting their hand in there. I place for a piggy bank! Anyways, Good luck chickie!
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