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Sunday, July 10, 2005

I volunteered for the Special Olympics event that MUA sponsored yesterday. I was one of the people in charge of the bake sale. Everything was paid for with tickets. You had to buy the tickets at a booth and use them to pay for your things. We had lots of different stuff for sale. There was a humongous cake that everyone wanted a piece of. It was like 18 X 24 and about 5 inches high. People thought it was the best looking cake. People would ask us what was the best dessert and we would tell them that if they want the most for their money then the cake is the way to go. Then we would pull it out of the pan and they would just laugh because the thing was just huge. The kids were in heaven! We had cookies and muffins and 3 other kinds of cake and a couple of frozen desserts too. The desserts were a big hit. The campus was full of people. We estimated about 250 people were there. The students had some of their own activities along with the special olympic events. Some of the events they had for the olympians were swimming, basketball and track events. They each were given 20 tickets to pay for food and treats. There were about 30 kids in all. The proceeds from this event were given to them to be used to travel to the next area special olympics. They had face painting, balloons, coloring contests, food, treats, swimming, a martial arts contest, pie eating contest and lots of other stuff going on. There were 3 students there playing their guitars, they had a basketball and soccer tournament for the students. There were tons of kids all over the place and everyone seemed to have a great time. It sure seemed like a good event between MUA and the community. When I arrived at the campus at 8:30 it was quiet and nobody was there except for Sam, the girl in charge. She seemed a bit nervous but knew in her heart that things would come together. Soon after I arrived the woman who runs the cafeteria showed up and we started bringing food inside to keep cool. Then the volunteers started coming in and from there it all just kind of happened. By the time the kids showed up it was all pretty much under way. This all happened within 30 minutes which is quite impressive I must say. Great job to Sam and all the rest of the volunteers who helped make this happen. The kids all had a great time. It is the best event for kids we have been to since being in Nevis.  Posted by Picasa


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