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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Julian and his new friend, Archie, over at Oualie Beach today. They had a Sea Fair today over there. It was a lot of fun for the kids and the adults too. They had lots of food, games for the kids such as a conch shell hunt, fishing, pie contests, face painting, sand castle contest which our friend Makayla won 2nd prize! Way to go! And the funniest contest was the greased pole contest. On the dock they had a big long pole hanging out over the water. They greased it up with some good old black grease and the people who signed up (over 12 years of age) had to try to walk out to the end. The first poor entrants had a hard time getting out even a couple of feet but after a while the grease started to wear off and they could go out further and further. Finally a guy made it to the end and won a fishing trip for 4 and a case of Carib Beer. It was a fun day for everyone. Julian had a blast with all of his friends. Pretty much all of the families that we know showed up for a while. It was a fun day.  Posted by Picasa


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