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Monday, July 18, 2005

We make Julian earn his t.v. by running around the house. He technically gets 30 minutes of t.v. for 8 laps around the yard. But we're pretty flexible with that. He also runs to the school and back which is about 2 miles and the other day he braved the airport route. His choice not mine! To the airport and back which is a bit over 3 miles! He did great! I go with him of course and it took him 47 minutes to do that route. He didn't even stop. Once we get home we are going to run one of the local 5k races. I think that will pump him up being in a race with other people. An actual race. He hates running around the yard but doesn't seem to mind when I run on the road with him. And when he does that he gets to watch more t.v. So it's good motivation. We checked out a new fitness center in town called the F.I.T. Center. It is above Ram's, the "big" grocery store. It was like walking into a different country! The place is really nice with stairmasters, eliptical machines, treadmills, bikes, free weights, weight machines, fitness classes, and a juice bar. The guy who runs the place is really nice and personable. And he is in perfect shape which is a good trait to have in an athletic club manager/trainer. So many that I have seen are in marginal shape and it's not very motivational. So that is the new exciting news on Nevis. Posted by Picasa


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