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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Julian helped build this very fancy sand castle today. His friend's name is Patrick. He is the son of Jim Johnson the hiking guide on Nevis and he could double as Harry Potter. It was really impressive. They had all kinds of little pyramids next to the big tower. One of them even had a set of little steps up to the top. We had a great day at Oualie Beach for our weekly beach outing. The day was hot and sunny and the kids all got along pretty well. Oualie's mascot stingray was floating around out there today and the kids were all swimming around trying to get a closer look. We had a pleasant surprise today as Cache's Mom, Carol, showed up for the first time at one of our outings and added a lot to our fun. She is a really interesting, fun woman who who has sailed the seven seas and lived to tell about it. And that pretty much sums up our day. Now I am watching re-runs of Will and Grace and having my bedtime snack. 7 days till I'm back in the U.S! I will kiss the ground!  Posted by Picasa


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