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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Chris and Andrea

Chris and Andrea Hartwell came to town on Tuesday night. The same night Jaime arrived home from Nevis. I went to pick up Jaime at the airport and on the way home we tracked down the Hartwells in Seabrook. We wanted to get them out of there quick so they wouldn't get the wrong impression of NH. We had dinner at my parents house, watched a movie in the theater. The next day we headed up to camp. On the way we test drove a used Audi which I had tried out on Sunday. Around that time it started to snow. It kept snowing until sometime the next day. Up north we did some shopping and went to dinner at Cafe Noche. It was not good at all. We joked that they had gone next door and bought burritos at Cumberland Farms. The next day we had to wait around for the plow guy and the cable man. The cable man arrived first and got the internet hooked up for Jaime. Then we got plowed out and we headed back into town for a little more shopping. We started out at Applebees for some lunch. Not our favorite restaurant but we were all starving so we made a sacrifice. Chris' chicken sandwich came out burnt to a crisp. We all laughed because the rest of our lunches were really good. He ended up sending his back because it was seriously like a piece of charcoal. That night we went to The 1785 Inn which is a restaurant in an old house that dates back can figure it out! The food was good but not amazing. We were seated by a nice warm fireplace which we liked and soon our room was pretty much emptied out and we were laughing and having fun and acting like little kids. The next day we had to get up early so Chris and Andrea could travel into Boston. Chris had some surprises there for Andrea for her 30th birthday which was Saturday. Jaime and I traveled in on Saturday to spend the day and evening with them. The Big Dig has changed Boston by many degrees and the road system is even crazier than I remember so we got lost getting in. Once we finally found the hotel they were staying at we walked over to Faneuil Hall to browse and decided we were all starving. We took a cab and found the Rockbottom Brewery. Jaime and I used to eat at the ROckbottom in Denver and really liked it. Halfway through dinner I found a little friend in my salad...a cute little...dead ladybug. That pretty much curbed my appetite. YUCK! AFter lunch we went over to Hahvahd. Chris wanted to get a Harvard Medical School sweatshirt so he could be an imposter. The place was crawling with parents in for Easter and as we were walking over to the science building I said "Now Chris, is this where you have your labs???". Nice and loud for all to hear. It was funny. After that we headed over to Faneuil to do some browsing and then headed back to the hotel to get changed for dinner. Andrea had no idea where we were going. First we headed over to the Four Seasons for a drink. It was really nice and comfortable. We stayed there for about an hour before we headed over to the Prudential Center for dinner. We were eating at The Top of the Hub Restaurant which the top of the Prudential Center. The Pru is the tallest building in Boston I believe. They whizzed us up to the top floor which is the 52nd. It doesn't even feel like you are moving on the elevator. It's incredible. The restaurant was awesome. The view is amazing. You can see every inch of Boston from this restaurant. The food was awesome and we had a great time. Andrea was very surprised by the restaurant and Chris had pre-ordered flowers for her and a cake for after dinner. The evening was really fun. We ended up with some really crazy cab drivers during the day. One of them After dinner Jaime and I headed back to NH to sleep and get up for Easter brunch the next morning.


  • Whoa - who are those dapper looking people??? I am so used to seeing everyone in shorts, tanks, and swinsuits! LOL

    Sounds like you had a nice time with Andrea and Chris. Too bad the food was icky at most places.

    I ran 11.5 today. Only two more long runs until Indy!

    By Blogger Dusti, at 2:26 PM  

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