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Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Julian painted me a little tiny trinket jar for Mother's Day and he also did a chalk drawing of a bowl of fruit. Around the edge of the picture he wrote: Mom you are the apple of my eye. You are a peach. You taught me to always turn life's lemons into lemonade. You can make an awesome apple pie. Your eyes are as blue as blueberries. (here's where it gets good!) You are as sweet as lemons. Haha. He's so cute. I had a great Mother's Day. I went to camp for the weekend with Julian to spend the weekend with Jaime. We went to Flatbread for dinner on Friday night. On Saturday we did some biking, set up some buoys in the lake for swimming when it warms up and Sat night Uncle Ronnie stopped by and had dinner and slept over. He had been camping the night before and it was too cold to camp out another night. So he "roughed it" at "camp" with us. We watched Deja-vu which is a weird movie. We liked it but it is a bit weird. Denzel Washington plays in this movie and he is always good in what he does. Sunday I had to work on a paper for school so Jaime and Ronnie went out and got coffee and we had leftover pizza on the grill for lunch. I didn't even have to do the dishes! What a great day!


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