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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

What we've been up to...

Well summer has come and is almost gone! We have been busy. Jaime is still studying and is now in Houma Louisiana studying at the home of Chris Hartwell. Chris is in clinicals right now and is helping Jaime study on his off time. Julian and I will be heading down there for Labor Day weekend where we will check out the city and visit my sister Jen and niece Jacquelyn. My sister's husband Jim and son Jacin will be away on a baseball trip.

So Julian and I have been doing a lot of stuff on our own or with friends. We toured the U.S.S. Albacore which is an old submarine on display in Portsmouth, NH. The Albacore was a test vessel commissioned in 1953. It was fun to go through and imagine living underwater like that.

Another weekend we went up to my sister-in-law Heather's camp. They have a seasonal rental up on Danforth Bay which is part of Lake Ossipee. They have a nice boat that we took out on the water and pulled Julian on the tube. There is a sand bar in the middle of the lake that people anchor at and play volleyball and other stuff. It's a pretty fun place to go. I used to go to summer camp on that lake so it was fun to go back. The site they have their trailer on is really big and sits on top of a hill near the playground. They have a shed and their trailer complete with two sets of granite steps and a nice paver patio. Not what you would picture for "camping", haha. The other pictures are of my nephew Lucas who is almost 14 and my other nephew Seth who was five months at the time of the picture.


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