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Friday, December 21, 2007

Its piling up!

The snow is piling up around here! We had another storm yesterday that dumped more snow on us. We have about two feet out there now. Its piling up on the roof and everywhere else. Yesterday we had to have a couple of guys come over and chip the ice off the roof of our porch which was leaking all over the floor. This is a four season porch with a nice finished ceiling so it was not a good thing. Our roof now has a snow angel compliments of Bryan, one of the guys that works for my Dad. He's going to start a service for people. Haha. Julian had another day off from school yesterday due to the snow so we took a snow shoeing tour through the woods. It was very peaceful out there. We saw a lot of deer and rabbit tracks. There were also a bunch of holes in the snow where little critters must be hanging out to escape the weather. Other than that we baked and played games all day. Today is Julian's last day of school for the year! He is very excited. His teacher promised them a day of fun so hopefully he will come home with lots of stories.


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