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Sunday, March 16, 2008


Friday night I went to the grocery store to get some tomatoes and lettuce for BLT's and they were selling fresh crawfish, cooked, hot and ready to be eaten. We decided to buy some to try. We thought Julian, being the lobster lover that he is, would like them. Julian had finished up his week long LEAP tests in school and deserved a treat. They were only 2.19 a pound. We got a few pounds and brought them home. Crawfish look like little tiny lobsters but the only meat in them is in the tail. You rip the tail off and pick the meat out--get rid of the poop shoot--and eat it. Well, not the poop shoot but the tail! Haha. They boil crawfish in spices that make the meat taste spicy. It is not the norm to dip them in butter but I bet it would be good. Althought I don't think crawfish will replace lobster as Julian's number one food but it will be a good replacement while we are living "down the bayou".


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