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Monday, April 28, 2008

Field Day at Mulberry Elementary School

Last Friday I went to field day at Julian's school. They had a lot of tents set up with snacks and a shaved ice stand (which I had the pleasure of working in). They had a series of events for each of the different age groups k-6th grade. Some of the events include a water balloon toss, running relays, and other teamwork-type events. One of the most interesting events was the beach chair relay. There were two teams. Each team had to take turns running up to a designated point with a beach chair and a bag with a towel, sunglasses and magazine in it. Once the person reaches the designated spot they have to set up their chair, spread out the towel, sit in the chair, put on the sunglasses, take out the magazine and open it up. Then they have to put all the stuff into the bag, close up the chair and run back with all the stuff and tag the next person in line on their team. It was really fun to watch and made me miss the beach!!! If anyone is having a party this summer this is a good addition to the game lineup. Molly would love it!


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