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Monday, October 12, 2009

Columbus Day weekend foliage pictures

Columbus Day weekend is supposed to be the peak foliage weekend in northern NH. This year leaves much to be desired in the colorful department. There are a lot of colors but they are not as bright as usual and there is a lot of green still around. On Sunday I dropped my brother-in-law Sean and my Uncle Ronnie off at the trailhead for the Mount Chocorua hike. The road out there, which is where these pictures came from, had some beautiful views. The peak beside the barn and looming over the lake are Mount Chocorua. They hiked to the top in 3 hours and got snowed on! The trip down took a little longer and was a bit more difficult as it is harder on the knees. My sister, Julie, and I stayed behind and brought the kids to Zebs to spend some money they got grom Grammy and Papa and then we cleaned up the camp and headed home before the holiday rush.


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