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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

So, Black Monday has come and gone and Terrible Tuesday arrived right on it's heels. Jaime is in his last lab exam as we speak...or read or whatever. We are planning on going to Sunshines for the after block party tonight. The last party we went to was sort of a bust and we weren't planning on going to any more but it is really hard to pass up free food and even harder to pass up an opportunity to swig a Killer Bee. Also at the last party we were told by the man in charge that spouses and kids were no longer allowed to eat for free. We told him we didn't like that rule and if he wanted to change it he should have told us before we all got there. He told us we needed to argue our point and so we did. He told us that the students pay an activity fee each semester and the money for these parties comes out of that. The spouses and families don't pay that fee so they should not be included. We told him that we were always told that we were invited and if we are not then something needs to be said before the party begins. You can't just start telling people as the food tickets are being handed out. We told him that there is no way the students with families are going to leave their families at home to go to a party without them especially right after a block exam where the families have been waiting patiently for some time with their student(husband or wife whatever). He counted heads and decided that enough students didn't show up so we could eat. Then he started giving out tickets to little kids like Julian who can't be responsible with a ticket as they run around. We told the guy handing them out that we already had tickets for the kids and if he is going to give a ticket to a kid he needs to give it to the parent and let them be responsible for it. He just smiled and said "It's ok, there are plenty of them". So much for organization. The whole problem began at the welcome party at the beginning of the semester. They had a pizza party at Pizza Beach (a restaurant that is known for being slow). The turn out was huge. I think almost every student came to that party. Well, the pizza's came out two by two and trickled out slowly. There were a bunch of students congregating up near the serving table and wolfing down pizza as it came out of the kitchen like it was the last food on earth. If you weren't in that group you couldn't get near the table. There were several kids (little kids) that were starving and unable to get a slice of pizza. These students were acting like doofuses. So, something was said to the man in charge but he could not control the people. Finally, Brian LaPray went and hung out near the kitchen door and hijacked a couple of pizzas for the kids. It was mayhem at that party so they decided that from now on each person would get a ticket and get to go through line once. There have been many instances where students have shown up an hour after the thing is set to begin and there is no food left because pigs go up and go through line 2 or 3 times for food. Becuase a lot of them have never been away from their parents and don't know how to prepare food for themselves so a little free food comes their way and they are like vultures. So, I am going tonight and I don't know the outcome of us arguing our point. If we were allowed at that other party does that mean we won our argument or was that a special circumstance? We were never told and I didn't think to ask because I wasn't planning on going to any more because the food isn't always so great. But tonight it's at Sunshines! That is a different story. So I just may have to fight for my food but I am prepared to do that.  Posted by Hello


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