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Monday, April 04, 2005

I have one for you all...What is the moral of Jack and the Beanstock? I was reading it to Julian recently along with lots of other stories with good moral endings and he asked me what the moral of that story was and I couldn't figure it out. Jack basically steals from the giant and it's ok and he is the hero in the end. Am I missing something? Anyway, same old same old here in Nevis. I'm sitting here listening to some country music. It is such a contrast to what you normally hear here on the radio. Of course this is not on the radio but my old cd's from days gone by. I'm just reminiscing of lots of fun memories from these songs. Julian is dancing like a crazy man and loving it all. He has music tastes like me...a little of this and a little of that and nothing that really goes together. Right now on his MP3 he has Johnny Cash, School House Rock, Elvis, Bare Naked Ladies, Journey, Prince, and some disco. We need to add some new songs because he is starting to get tired of the songs on there. He takes his MP3 when we go running errands. It helps keep him occupied as we stand in line and wait. We are open to suggestions on songs that anyone might think he will like. Another Monday is now almost gone.  Posted by Hello


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