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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

2 More Days!!!!!!! Julian and I are busily packing and getting ready to leave this ant hill for the rest of the summer. Yesterday we took care of our visa duties. We headed down to the "Old Bath Hotel" which houses the Premier's Ministry. Whatever that is. All I know is that's where you go to renew your visa. So we head down there knowing I had not had mine renewed since January. Although I went off island in April so I was actually stamped through until the end of May. So I sat down and she told me I was over due and started calculating out what it was going to cost me to renew. I asked her if I could go ahead and pay up until the end of the year and then I explained that Jaime is a student here and he is good until Aug of 2006. So she told me they should have done mine at the same time as his and mine would have been the same. I told her I arrived a month later than him but that Julian is good until the same time as Jaime. She said "Oh, he must have come with your husband?" And I sad "NO, he came with me, that is what is so weird!" And so she laughed and went in to talk to her boss and came out and asked if we had our marriage license. I told her I didn't have it with me but had it here in Nevis. She told me if I could go get it I would be all set. So I thanked her and drove all the way home (25 minute ride) and went all the way back. She was still working so I went right back in to see her and I got my letter ok'ing me until Aug 2006. Last fall I tried to do this and they wouldn't do it. See because they were changing the rules and were going to make spouses pay the visa fees. But maybe it has changed now. I didn't want to ask because I was getting mine for free which is what we had been told by the school in the first place before we came here. So I was a happy camper. So if anyone is having a problem with their visa make sure you have a copy of your marriage certificate and go down there and talk to them. I spoke with Ms. Meredith Brooks. She was very nice. I have spoken with her boss before and she is sensitive to the plight of students on Nevis especailly married students with families so we are lucky to have her and Ms. Brooks on our side. After I got my letter I had to go to the police station to see the immigration officer. He has the official stamp for the passport. The last time I did this it took a couple of tries to arrive at a time when the guy was in. He was actually there with no one waiting! So I went to see him and got all stamped up and legal! So now I should not encounter any problems before I leave. After we left there we went on a wild goose chase for Julian's school uniforms. In case you haven't heard we have enrolled Julian in a new private school that is opening up in the fall. I wanted to get his uniforms before I leave so he has something to wear on his first day. So the place that the school told me to go to has no shorts for the kids. The want medium grey shorts. All they had was tan and navy. I asked her if there were any shirts ready yet with logos and she looked at me like I was crazy. I told her that the Lynn Jeffers Secondary school was expanding into primary in the fall and they were supposed to be having logos put on the shirts. She didn't know what I was talking about. So I got a shirt without a logo, again, so he would have something for the first day. Then I went to 4 more shops in search of the medium grey shorts and found nothing. The closest I came was a woman who supplied the secondary school with their pants. The older kids wear pants. She said she could make some shorts and she showed me the fabric she had. It was the most synthetic polyester you could find. I told her no thanks, I'll try the U.S. So if anyone out there has seen plain, medium grey shorts anywhere please let me know. That is how I spent my day yesterday. I was in town for 5 hours walking around getting the famous Nevis Runaround.  Posted by Picasa


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