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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Jaime's first weekend home

Well, we've been busy since my last post. Jaime got in on Friday afternoon. We spent the evening at home for the most part then we made a trip out to Olympia Sports to buy some socks for the next days 5k. The Moreno family signed up and ran the race, even Julian. Julian was battling out of last place with a 78 year old man. Jaime started out on his own but started cramping up and finished up the race with Julian and I. We coached Julian on during the run and he ended up finishing at 38:22! The crowd roared as he rounded the bend by the finish line and he sprinted to the finish. You could hear the announcer saying "Julian Moreno, 6 years old and running a race!" It was really neat. We were quite proud of him and he was also proud of himself. We ran by my sister Julie's house and got cheered on by Julie and her kids so after the race we went over to see them. She asked if Julian could spend the night so we of course said yes. We got to spend the day by ourselves. It was really nice. We did some much needed shopping for some much needed stuff. One of the things we bought was a new laptop for Jaime. That experience was a nightmare at Sam's Club. Long story short we finally got out of there over two hours after we got there with a floor model laptop discounted $100.00 due to the fact that it was a floor model. Not a bad deal. But we lost a lot of our important alone time. Our movie was put on the back burner so we could have dinner. We headed over to Macaroni Grille in Methuen. We are feeling that the restaurant is starting to get a bit boring. Maybe we have eaten there too much. It all kind of tastes the same. Anyway, it was still good but we decided that we would have been more satisfied if we had gone to Wendy's and saw a movie. We still have yet to go to a movie since Jaime got home.

On Sunday Jeremy and Tammy asked us to go out on their boat. We went over to get Julian in the morning and met them at their house which is like 200 feet away from Julie's house. We put the boat in at the Lamprey River in Newmarket and trolled out to Great Bay. You have to really pay attention to when you enter and exit that way because if the tide is low you can't get through. It turns into muck in places. So we safely got out to the edge of the ocean and did some fishing. We were over by the little island that is featured on the Smuttynose Beer labels(see picture, Dusti there's a new beer for you to try if you haven't already!). Not shortly after that we lost our bait over the edge and were not able to retrieve it. We decided to go over to Prescott Park in Portsmouth and see what was happening over there and use the bathrooms! Julian took the wheel and drove the boat. He thought that was really cool of course. Then we headed over to The Weathervane restaurant to have some dinner. We docked the boat and had some steamers and lobster rolls before heading back. The sky at this point was looking a bit dark but we ended up getting out of the water just as the lightning was starting. We were lucky.


  • Smuttynose Beer? No Way! I have to try one now, the name is just to funny to pass up! I am assuming its a local brew, but I will keep my eyes open around here. If nothing else we will have to drive to NH to see you when you are permanently off the "ant hill". :)-D

    By Blogger Dusti, at 7:51 AM  

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