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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Salisbury Beach

Our favorite place to go for pizza is Salisbury Beach in Mass. It is kind of dumpy and the people are horrifically tacky but they have the best pizza and fried clams in the world. Yes, you got me right, IN THE WORLD! The pizza is made in a big huge rectangle pizza pan. The crust is chewy, the sauce is sweet and the cheese is very sparse. I grew up eating this pizza year round. My father used to pack us all in the back of the truck and haul us down there for pizza. It's open 365 days a year so it didn't matter if it was hot or cold we were going for pizza. My father's truck had a toolbox and a rack and we used to sit on top of the tool box and hang on to the rack and that is how we travelled. Seatbelts? No way! Haha. Now, as we visit, we travel in a Cadillac SUV with not only seatbelts but airbags, a/c and a dvd player! Now the times...they have done some changin'! They used to have kiddie rides but last year someone got a bright idea to put up some condos where the rides were. Now the people who frequent Salisbury Beach are scary enough but the people running the rides are a whole other breed. They are definately fresh out of jail or hiding from it. It looks like someone rounded up a group or homeless people and gave them a job. Just before we moved to Nevis we went down with Julie and Sean and Molly. The kids were in tears over this change. We used to go down there several times a year and the kids were bummed. It was sad to see it go. Julian and Molly both had birthday parties there and now the rides are gone for good. But the pizza remains!


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