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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The rest of week one

So we decided to get a cousin picture done before the Morrison's went back to Louisiana. We all met at The Picture Place with the crazy bunch of cousins and attempted to get a nice photo. The older kids were so nicely behaved (probably had something to do with the promises of treats when they were through) and the little ones were...well...acting like little kids do. McCarthy is almost three, Brennan is 18 months and Cooper is only 8 months old. So McCarthy and Brennan never sit still and it was really hard to get them to sit still long enough for a picture. It was mayhem for most of the 45 minutes that we were there. Kids running all over. Having crying fits. The photographer had a weird noise that she made to get the kids attention and all of them would look when she did it and it made them laugh except Cooper who was totally freaked out by it. We went over our allotted 30 mintes and the photographer was pretty happy when we all walked out the door. I think she was crossing her fingers that there was at least one good photo of all the ones she took. We had to wait one hour for the proofs. We went back and there were two good pictures to choose from. My personal favorite was a shot during the mayhem. My brother Jeremy was trying to tickle Cooper to make him laugh so he was crouched down on the floor with his butt in the air tickling, Lucas was trying to hold onto McCarthy who was trying to get away, Jacquelyn looked like she was about to faint, Jacin looked like he was about to go to sleep, Brennan was on the go, Molly was looking irritated and Julian was just sort of looking confused. It is really funny. It looked like the family photo that they got done on Everybody Loves Raymond. That is what it reminded me of.

The next day the Morrisons left so that was a bummer. Jacin was ready to go home but Jacquelyn is not looking forward to going back to school (even though she is really smart and works hard in school). Jacin said he was looking forward to school "but educational stuff." Later that afternoon Julian and I took a ride over to Planet Playground and then that night we went over to see my friend Missy and her family. Paige is almost 4 and she is so cute! It took her like 5 minutes to warm back up to us and then she and Julian were outside on her playground and jumping on the trampoline. On Thursday I got my hair colored and cut and then Heather and I and Julian brought our pictures back because they weren't centered right. Then we met Rob and the kids at The Longhorn for some dinner and Rob agreed to watch Julian while we went to the movies. We had some time to kill before and needed a sweater so we went into Kohls and got a cheapo sweatshirt and we both bought identical new purses. They are very chic. We ended up seeing Wedding Crashers which is hillarious. Friday Julian and I spent shopping. Isn't he lucky. I started him out at Toys R Us where he got a new Bionicle toy that he has had his eye on for weeks. I needed some stuff so we went around to the mall and we were there for a long time. We needed a new plant for his pet water frog so we got a new one of those. We ate at Ixtappa which is the mexican restaurant in the mall. I love mexican restaurants mostly because of the free chips and salsa. They have really good salsa! The next day we were getting up early so we got home at a reasonable hour.


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