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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Tubing with Jeremy

On Saturday Jeremy invited us to go out on his boat. His friend has a camp on Merrymeeting Lake in New Durham NH so we headed up there for the day. The lake is beautiful. I had never been there before. They check all boats for milfoil and other exotic aquatic plants that are invading the lakes of NH. The lake is crystal clear. There are no weeds...AT ALL! The beaches are sandy and have rocks that you can swim out to and sit on near the shore. It is a spring fed lake that is one of the deepest at 150 feet! You feel clean after getting out of the water. We had a great day. Jeremy's friend Carl was up there along with his parents and niece and nephew. Tammy was a nanny for the kids back when they were babies and they have always kept in touch. They have a very close relationship. Julian of course made friends with the kids and they had a great time together. They are great kids. We went tubing for the first time ever and Julian had a blast. My brother did some water skiing and his friend Carl did some surfing and wakeboarding. The kids all did some tubing. The most impressive was Ashley who looked like she was out there shooting a commercial with all her moves. It was really fun. Cooper had a great time playing around in the water and bonding some more with his cousin. We didn't get home until 9:30 that night. What a great day.


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