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Sunday, August 07, 2005

The Entertainment

Jeremy did some entertaining at the big party at Julie's house. He played some Johnny Cash for us to enjoy and then we found out that Polly, Sean's mother, was in a band a long time ago so she sang us a tune. She and her first husband used to sing in ski lodges around New England to pay for their ski passes and food and stuff. Interesting stuff that you learn about people at an 8 year olds party. You can see all of Julie anad Sean's neat stuff in this picture. This is the house that I lived in right after I had Julian. They put me in the attic. The unmarried pregnant sister gets to live in the attic. Haha, just kidding, they were really good to me. It's not like I was stuck in the attic, that's just where my bedroom was. I spent most of my time in the t.v. room watching the Bill Clinton fiasco about the blue dress and the true meaning of the word "sikshul" intercourse. Yeah, those were memorable times. Jeremy and I had moved home when my older brother Chris was sick and my parents house, that had been for sale off and on for 10 years sold. Talk about bad timing. I was pregnant at the time. I was shipped off to the McCown's attic and Jeremy was a "cellar dwellar" in my sister-in-law's new house. My parents had to rent a condo at the beach while they finished building their second dream retirement house. They are now living in their third which is on the market and is almost sold and they will then build the fourth and final??? dream retirment home. They think they have all the design kinks worked out now. Anyway, before I got sidetracked I was talking about Julie's house. It was a convent a long time ago. It is a neat house with little cupboards and sinks in every room. Kind of weird but convenient too! We think her house is haunted becauase one day when I was living there, I came home from eating at my parents pretend house. I walked in the door and into the foyer and then into the formal living room (pictured here) to check messages on the phone. As soon as I got in there one of Molly's toys started to play music in the play room. To get to the play room you have to go from the foyer, through the dining room and through a door off one of the side walls of the dining room. The toy was like a little play table for toddlers with all kinds of buttons and dials and it played this crazy circus type music. You know the kind that kids toys have. It was really freaky. They don't have pets so nothing could have bumped it and even if some wind had gotten in it wouldn't have taken that path to get into that room. My sister came in a minute behind me and heard it and we looked at each other and just sort of let out a nervous laugh. It was weird. There are other stories too but one is enough for now.


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