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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Well I have been wondering where all the fit kids of Houma have been hiding; they have been anxiously awaiting the beginning of swim team practice. Yesterday was Julian's first night of practice. What a group of kids! They have some amazing, young swimmers on this team. The swim team is sponsored by the YMCA in Houma which is only about a mile up the road from us. Kids as young as 4 or 5 can be on the team. There are about 100 or more kids on the team and the practices are spread out over three hours. Julian has the middle practice at 6:45 for one hour EACH NIGHT! They encourage the kids to attend every practice but understand they may not be able to. Once school gets out there will be a morning practice that he can attend or an evening one. Then the meets will start. The first meet will be the weekend after school gets out. We are really excited about this team. Julian is already showing improvement after only one practice. He has a cute little coach named Caleb who is a great swimmer and is a hip, cool looking young guy. I think it helps to have someone that the kids can relate to and look up to as a coach. Julian will continue to improve his freestyle, will learn the other three strokes, and will learn flip-turns. I'm going to pay attention at that practice so I can learn that too! Send luck to Julian!


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