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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fun Weekend with the Berniers


In the pictures we have our dinner group, Julian being attacked by a tarantula, Jacquelyn being attacked by cockroaches, Julian playin in the water fountain things at the farmer's market and Julian eating bugs.

What a fun time we had last weekend with my parents in town. They arrived on Thursday around lunch time. Jaime and I picked them up and brought them to our exciting town of Houma. They checked in to their hotel and came back to our house to await the arrival of Julian from school. He sure was happy to see them! That night we had dinner at Cafe Milano here in town. Cafe Milano is one of the few nice restaurants here in Houma. While there we were graced with the presence of a large group of ladies from the Red Hat Society. Julian had a lot of questions about the ladies so we told him to go up to them and ask. Bold as he is he did just that. We found out that the Red Hat ladies are fun people who get together to have a good time. On Friday we spent a low-key day taking a walk in "the neighborhood" before we headed over to Julian's school for parent's day to lunch. After that we took a tour of the library which my parents were both very impressed with. After that we went home where dad tried to nap and mom and I chatted on the "peaceful" balcony. Once Julian was home we went up to the Morrison's where we went out for Thai food. It was very good as usual. On Saturday we all went to the farmer's market and sampled some good food (tamales, scones, cookies, and Indian food). Julian had a great time running around in the little fountain things that squirt water up from the ground. After that we went to visit Jim's dad Bob and his mom Mary at the nursing home where Bob lives. It was nice to visit with them. That night we had an oyster feed at the Morrison's. Oysters Casino, Rock-choke oysters, raw, and fried. They were all very good. Even Julian tried the raw oysters. We also had cajun crawfish pasta and walking taco dip. Jacquelyn went out for her homecoming dance and stayed at a friend's house after that. On Sunday, after Jacquelyn came home we all headed out to the city where we were going to stay for the night and go to Commander's Palace for dinner. After we checked in to the hotel we headed over to the Insectarium where we learned a lot about bugs. We even ate bugs! No joke! They had dips and salsas with meal worms and fried meal worms and fried grasshoppers. They also had grasshopper beignets. It was fun to try them. After a while we were ready to go back to the hotel for coffee and to get ready for our night at Commander's. It was a fun night. The Morrisons, Morenos, Berniers and Chris Hartwell filled a large table for 10 up on the garden room. It is quite an experience to go there. We were greeted by no less than 10 different people on our way up to our table. We had many servers all who came out together and served each course simultaneously over our shoulder. The food was great and the presentation of the bananas fosters for desert was fun too (even if Hugeaux--correct spelling by the way--did burn me with the splatter when he dumped the bananas in). What a blast. We spent a nice comfy night at the Marriott in downtown New Orleans and went to the Riverwalk for shopping and lunch on Sunday before we all had to head back home. My parents are back home now but we had so much fun while they were here. It was a nice change of pace for us. We thank them sincerely for all that they did for us while they were here. What a blast!!!


  • Hi Danielle, Thanks for the pics and info you sure got the whole week-end in. Dad and I had a great visit with all of you. You make me laugh, you are all such great company. We miss you lots. Love Mom

    By Blogger reeoentaxishi, at 7:42 AM  

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