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Saturday, September 06, 2008


On Friday the 29th of August we left our house to escape the wrath of Gustav. It was still up in the air where the thing was going to hit but we decided that since we had a long weekend anyway we would go visit his friend Lance and their family and that way we wouldn't have to attempt to find a hotel somewhere and pay for many nights of hotel stay. So we headed out and came to Sayre, OK. We have been here even has now been 8 days. Our area was hit hard and word has not been good up to this point. We had been hearing that the electricity would be out for weeks. As it stands school is closed until further notice. We did just hear that our house is ok. Our landlord just got into town and checked out our house. She told us good news and that things are ok in our unit. We do know that the end units had damage and took on water but we are happy to hear that our unit is ok. Also, Rocky, Julian's Betta fish is still swimming around too. I had Gwen (the landlord) put another extended feeder pellet in his tank and hopefully we can go back soon and take care of him properly. Poor little guy has been all alone in the dark in there. The electricity across the street is on so we are keeping our fingers crossed that ours will be up and running soon. Now we have to decide what our next step is going to be in getting back home. I sure have missed my bed.


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