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Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Well we are back in Houma with electricity but without cable and internet. Our neighbor, Mark, across the street has it all so we came over to his house to mooch his cable and internet for a while. Mark is a respiratory therapist at the hospital Jaime works at. He and Jaime play tennis and hang out sometimes. He is a nice guy who has lived in this area his whole life.

Houma looks to be getting back into shape. We have a little tent city in the Dairy Queen parking lot where the support crews are stationed. We have people from all over helping out down here. As it stands it looks like Julian will be back to school on Monday as long as nothing stands in the way. It looks like Ike is going to go south and pummel TX or Mexico or both. We are hoping it stays on that projected path because another week away is just more money out of the pocket. Jaime is still unsure about when he is going to be starting back up so we are all just sort of waiting around for something to happen. It is hotter than then hinges of hell and our dumpster is overflowing and stinky with all that old freezer meat in there fermenting in the sun.

Anyone want to visit? Haha


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