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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Mysterious Case of the Mischievous Meat Mishandler...

Today was such a nice day that this evening I decided to take a walk over to the DQ and get a peanut buster parfait. I haven't had one since overdosing on them last summer. I had a craving and thus...I went. Julian didn't want to go, so I hoofed off on my own while he and Jaime went to Rouse's to fill the water jugs. We were all arriving back at the house at the same time as we saw a chase ensuing over in the Rouse's parking lot. A scraggly man was running through the parking lot being chased by 4 or 5 Rouse's employees. As he got closer to the road, he dropped "the contraband" and kept running. Apparently, the employees weren't satisfied with him "returning the goods" so they kept chase into the field behind our house. At that point, a few more employees walked over and I asked them what he did. They said he tried to steal some meat. Then, I saw one employee doubled over in our field and the "mishandler" lying face down in the grass. I didn't see the events that lead up to that but a few more employees started coming over and I asked if they needed me to call the police. They said they had already called them and they were over there--and they pointed toward Rouses. I still haven't figured out why the police were at the store and EVERYONE else was in our back yard. Then, a few more employees came over and asked if I had seen a bunch of employees dressed like them and in between bites of my ice cream, I pointed to where they were. I was wondering who was minding the store with all the employees in our field and the seemingly managerial types just arriving. Maybe they were coming to rustle their employees back to their work place. The police came and hauled the poor guy off to where I am hoping he was able to get a meal to fill the hole that he was so desperately trying to fill. Another exciting day in Houma...


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