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Saturday, December 20, 2008


So another year gone by and another birthday under my belt. I just finished and passed my medical transcription exam and I am now in the process of finding a job. As you can see by the picture we have our tree up. We put it up a week ago. We bought it at Lowes where they were having a 25% off sale. Our tree cost $13.49. I have to tell everyone because it was so cheap. And it is not a bad looking tree. It is shedding needles by the handful but it is going to die anyway so what they heck. We also have lights set up on our porch for all of our outside viewers. It is very festive looking. This is the first Christmas in 5 years that the three of us will wake up together and spend Christmas alone. It will be very low-key and quiet. We will probably go and see a movie at some point. Christmas Eve is our big celebration. We have the Morrisions coming down from Mandeville and we will open the family gifts from the person who picked our name. That is tradition in our family. I am excited about having the Christmas Eve party here and have been cooking up lots of treats for the occassion. I have also been busy cooking up lots of treats and making projects for for neighbors, friends, bus drivers, and teachers. I am posting a video of a house that is down the street from us. They did a Halloween display and now their Christmas display is up and running and really cool. Well, my video did not upload. I had tried uploading it to Youtube too but it didn't work. I will try to post it another time. Well, gotta go. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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