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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

When it pours!

In the past two weeks we have had a brake problem on our car which would cost $3000 for a mechanic to fix or $1000 in parts and several hours worth of work for Jaime. Time which he does not have. You must remember that the car was worth $4000 a year and a half ago. SO! We had to go out and purchase a new/used car. I love the car but hate the expense. I won't dwell on that. While we were without a car we were getting around on motorcycle, foot and/or bike. THEN, Julian's bike got stolen. Shortly after we got our new car Jaime's motorcycle started acting up. Then today, as I was walking home from the grocery store across the street, I saw a haggle of hoodlums coming up the street. Houma losers at their finest. A group of teenagers who should be in school. One of them ran across the street toward my house and took a look at our other bikes that are now tightly locked up out there. He looked at his buddies and gave an "aw shucks" move. As he was running back across the street to meet up with his posse, I ran up the parking lot and yelled at them. I asked them if they knew anything about a stolen bike. One of them was on a bike but it wasn't Julian's. He got a real dumb look (not hard for him) on his face and he said "stolen from where?" I said, "from over where you were just standing near those other bikes across the street." He said, "Oh, I was just over there trying to see someone." I said, "You weren't over there trying to steal another bike?" And he said, "I don't know nothing bout no stolen bike." (you can tell how bright he is by his language) And I said, "No of course you wouldn't." I got a picture of them and followed them for several blocks to see where they would go. It looked to me like they were trolling the neighborhood for more bikes, so I came home and called the cops. The guy who showed up was really nice and he had seen them earlier. He was going to go try to find them. I told him I wanted it on record because if I see some kid on my son's bike I will take it back. If I had my car today I would have followed them all day but Jaime needed to get to work so I am once again without a car. Thanks for listening to my rant! I'll keep you posted on the saga of the latest stolen bike.


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