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Thursday, April 02, 2009

My evening...

Jaime has been working the graveyard shift for his ER rotation this week. He is rotating his schedule with one other person, and they will alternate nights and days for the next few weeks. Julian and I just go about our business as we normally do trying to keep the house quiet while Jaime is sleeping. Not an easy task. Yesterday was gym day so we headed to the Y at around 5:00 and when we came home at 6:30, Jaime asked me to bring him some snacks later on. When I bring him stuff I leave it in his car because I don't want to interrupt his work in the hospital...don't want to be around all those germs either. Yuck! So after I showered and ate dinner, I left to bring Jaime his bag of goodies. As I rounded the corner near the FIRST drawbridge, there was a line of cars waiting. The bridge was already up and I could see the boat going under so I waited. There is another way around but sometimes it is just easier and quicker to wait. So I waited...come to find out the boat that was going under was the tug that was going to get the bigger boat and drag it through. So I finally got across the bridge and to the hospital only to discover that I didn't have a key to Jaime's car. I called him but knew there is bad cell reception in the ER, so I wasn't expecting to get through to him. I turned around and headed back home to get the key. Of course on the way back I encountered ANOTHER bridge delay. This delay was for the middle drawbridge. This time I turned around and went home the long way. I got the key and headed back. As I came upon the middle bridge it was STILL open. The tug was creeping through the channel with a BIG barge. It took forever and even more foreverish (like my word) to get the bridge closed and traffic moving again. I finally got Jaime his food and got home just in time for Julian to go to bed. I was on the road for close to 90 minutes for what should have been a 5 mile one-way trip. Isn't my life EXCITING???!!!


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