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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend was spent up at camp on Iona Lake in Albany NH. Julian had his first real successful fishing experience. He caught several sunfish and perch before landing a good sized catfish. He was so excited about his catch. It was a very exciting moment for him. We wish that we had not thrown it back in but we were nice and let him free back into the depths of the lake. He fished a lot that weekend until he got his line stuck in a tree on our last day there. Several attempts to get it down were unsuccessful and we eventually had to cut the line.

Our weather was cooler than I had hoped but not cold. We were able to sit and enjoy the sun for a few hours each day but only the kids ventured out into the water. We kayaked and read and ate lobster and steamers supplied by my parents. On Sunday we headed out on the Kanc for a hike. We decided to do the east ledges of the Hedgehog Mtn trail. We were all staggered in getting to our destination at which point my sister and 6 year old Brennan and my father headed back home. The rest of us, my mother, Sean, Molly, Julian, and I, headed out to finish the Hedgehog Mtn loop. It was a perfect day for a hike with weather in the 70s , and a bit breezy at times which kept the insects at bay. The entire trail was lined with lady slippers and the kids saw a toad and a natural see-saw. All in all the weekend was a big success. We look forward to spending more time at camp this summer.


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