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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Second leg of the tour...

So the second leg of our tour started around 9pm on Tuesday night. We had stopped for dinner with the group at a local eatery that was right on the water. It was a really neat place but I can't recall the name at the moment. The menu is on a chalkboard and you stand in line to order. Then you get seated after you help yourself to drinks and when you leave you just go up and tell them what you had and they ring it up. It was my turn to drive as we headed out. The roads out of Oak Island, NC are not heavily traveled at night. It was kind of creepy to say the least. Jaime was sleeping so he could drive into the night and Julian was sacked out in the back. You know what its like being alone traveling in a car on strange roads? Everything looks creepy. I had the radio turned down and at one point I passed a house with two people sitting out on their porch. It was close to 10 or 11 o'clock at this point and they were just sitting, looking at the scenery--which was me--with blank looks on their faces. I felt like I was in a movie. Then, shortly after that, out of nowhere something was in front of me and I ran it over. It was black and white but bigger than a skunk--plus it didn't stink. When I look back the only image I have to compare it to is a hyena...although I really don't think it was one. I don't know what it was but I wasn't stopping either. There would have been nothing I could really freaked me out. LOL. Then, as we got further out onto the highway, I had to get gas and have Jaime take over the wheel. At this point it was about 1am. We stopped at a little "truck stop" in the middle of deliverance country. I got out of the car to use the bathroom and got whistled at twice on my way in by a group of skanky men. Jaime was standing right there pumping the gas. I had to use the nasty bathroom which was disgusting and when I came out I bought some water and the guy at the counter couldn't wipe the freaky grin off his face. I swear I was the first woman to ever set foot in that door. So, off we went for a few more hours. We drove with me trying to sleep which was impossible. We stopped at a rest stop and slept in the car until dawn. After that, we had breakfast at the Cracker Barrel Restaurant--one of my faves on road trips--and set back out on the road. We traveled through Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, and finally into Oklahoma. We found a nice Best Western to stay the night in OKC. We were exhausted and needed a good night sleep before heading over to Sayre to see Lance and Sandy and family and the Morenos. This hotel was very comfortable and I slept well. We stopped to pick up our trailer and headed over to Sayre. We arrived there late morning and stopped to see Lance and Sandy at their new store. They were both very busy so we stopped to see Jaime's parents and then headed over to Lance's to go through our stuff and start packing up the trailer. It was great to see everyone. Julian briefly saw some of his cousins who are growing up fast. And the Acklin girls are so adorable. After a dinner of pizza, we slept in Mercedes' new zebra room. It is painted purple with zebra accents. Her choice. She is such a little diva. We headed out at around 7am. We went up through Texas, into New Mexico where we entered our new time zone--Mountain--and finally into Colorado. We stopped to see Emily real quick before heading over to Mariann's house. She lives in Arvada in a cute little house in a cute little neighborhood. Her house is for sale and looked like a magazine. Julian had a great time playing with the kids and getting out some energy. We ate dinner with them and spent the night. It was great to see them and I'm hoping that since we are closer we can see more of each other.


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