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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Casey and Julian at Wayne from Maine

Julian got together with his friend Casey last Wednesday night. Casey has gotten really tall and they are both missing their front teeth. We went over to the Exeter Parks and Rec Dept where they were having a little festival. Wayne from Maine was there singing for the crowd. He is a local guy who travels around singing his songs to kids. He has a bunch of cd's so if you haven't heard of him and you have kids check him out on . The kids watched for a couple of songs and then decided to go and play on the playground right next to the festival. It didn't take them long to get right back to the place where they left off a year ago. They played for a couple of hours before it was time to go home. We will see Casey again a few times hopefully before we go back to Nevis. This week we are supposed to go to Water Country so we are watching the weather to see which day is the best.


  • Hi DeeDee, it's Jacquelyn. Wow, you guys sure have been doing a lot since we left! Reeo e-mailed me, and she said you were starting to get that fishy smell. Hmm... maybe you should leave and give us your tickets. Yeah, that'd be good...

    By Blogger The 4 Jays, at 1:09 PM  

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