Latitude 17N

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Hampton Beach

That first dip of the toe in the Atlantic in NH is a shocker! The water is 60 degrees! Brrrrrrrrr! Julian and I spent the day at the beach on Thursday. We got kicked out of the house because the people who are interested in buying were coming back for another visit. Julian hunted for crabs under the rocks and found lots of friends to play with. We walked down the beach to watch the surfers and he found some older friends with boogy boards who let him join in. He was surfing at the edge for as long as his little body would allow him. I had to make him get out when he was shivering and his lips were blue. He had a blast! It is fun to see the differences between NH and Nevis beaches. For one thing there is a tide here so you have to get to the beach at the right time or there won't be much beach to sit on. As the tide comes in the people all have to squeeze up near the wall so it gets pretty crowded. Then as the tide recedes the people spread out again. There are lots of people on our beach too which is nice when I go with Julian alone because he can always find someone to play with. Another difference is that the water is about 25 degrees colder than in Nevis. It is like stepping into ice water. There is no seaweed growing on the bottom so when you go in the water you step onto nice soft sand. There is seaweed floating around in the water but it is big seaweed and you can easily avoid it. And it is fun for the kids to pick up and run with and use for decoration on sandcastles.


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