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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Flatbread Pizza

One of our favorite restaurants is Flatbread Pizza. We went there the other day with my sister and her two kids and my mother. The food there is all organic. Their salads are so fresh and yummy and their pizza is excellent. The crust is thin and chewy and the toppings are generous. They have specials as well as the normal menu which includes items like cheese and herb pizza, sausage with carmelized onion pizza, and regular old cheese and sauce or pepperoni. The pepperoni is organic and a bit different than regular pepperoni. We love the place. It is in a rustic old industrial building with exposed brick and stone. In back there is a wood fired brick oven where all the pizza is cooked. The menus are very simple. Just a double page protector really with a printed menu on one side and a colored picture making up the front. Kids who come to the restaurant color the pictures and put them in the menus so they are always different. It is really fun to go there. The kids love to watch them cook the pizza.


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