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Friday, December 30, 2005

Day one of our Christmas vacation

Day one of our vacation was spent at the pool, going back and forth to the airport to find the luggage and shopping for a curling iron for my mother. Jaime and I were supposed to go to Nevis for a mini-training tri but we didn't get up on time and I didn't really want to leave my parents with no luggage. We had breakfast bright and early and then got a taxi into town to shop for the curling iron. We went to a couple of places before finding one in Courts. That was a funny experience for them. They were already getting a kick out of the leisurly pace of the natives. We found the curling iron and the lady wrote up a sales slip and told us to go over to the cashier to pay. So we go over there and wait behind people making payments on larger items and setting up accounts and buying furniture. Finally we paid the cashier and had to go back to the counter to pick up our purchase. At that time there was a group of people around the counter and we figured for sure it would take a month to get out of there but the clerk recognized our pale faces and gave us the bag. After that we headed back to the Marriott so we could relax by the pool. Jaime and my Dad went to the airport to check out the luggage. My mother went to buy a bathing suit and shortly after that Jaime and my dad came back with the luggage. Of course.


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