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Friday, December 30, 2005

Jane and John arrive in St. Kitts

My parents arrived in St. Kitts on the 16th with no luggage. Their flight into Miami from Boston was a bit late but they still had time to spare. Then they sat on the runway due to an unknown problem and by the time they got off the plane they had 20 minutes to get to their connector which was in a different terminal. They were told by the airline employees that it was impossible to make it especially given the fact that my mothers foot is broken. Well, my parents don't know the word impossible so they set off and made it to their gate just as they were calling their name. Of course the first thing on their minds was their luggage. They had made it on the plane but would their luggage make it? Of course not! As they say in St. Kitts, there is always a lot of lost luggage during the holidays. So long story short they ended up getting their luggage 24 hours later. There were lots of trips to the airport to comb through the luggage in the customs area during that first 24 hours. We think the Marriott and the airline have something going on together. Some money making scheme. There were countless people there without luggage or luggage arriving late. So after the luggage made it a big weight was lifted off their shoulders and they were able to relax finally. My Mom felt bad because all of Julian's Christmas presents were in there. So anyway, they got it and everything was accounted for. Night number one we spent at the Calypso Restaurant in the main building. By the time they got here my parents were starving. They were not served any food on their flights and didn't have time to get anything between as they had planned. So we did the buffet which our waiter, Dustin, told us was discounted 20% for our early bird status. We dug in and ate heartily. We all turned in early that night to the comforts of our cushy beds and got a good nights rest.


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